Technician welding equipmentAt Diamond Refractory Services, we also offer a comprehensive suite of self-performed welding services. Leveraging a team of more than 150 certified welders, our in-house welding capabilities help us maintain a cost-saving edge while enabling greater control over safety, quality, and project schedules.

One of our key differentiators is to have both a welder and an installer work together simultaneously. This approach allows us to overlap work, meaning less downtime and substantial cost savings.

Conventional Welding and Rapid-Arc Stud Welding

We have the ability to perform a wide range of certified welding techniques, and, as refractory experts, we offer rapid-arc stud welding as well as conventional welding. We work closely with our clients to help ensure they fully understand our welding options and make an informed decision about what method is best suited for their project.

Rapid-Arc Stud Welding Experts

View of rapid-arc stud weldingRapid-arc stud welding emphasizes speed and efficiency and, in certain situations, can cut down welding times for refractory anchors by a factor of seven to one.

As opposed to traditional methods that utilize multiple steps, stud welding only requires one rapid step – using arc-welding to instantaneously end-join studs or metal parts to work pieces. Additionally, the “point-and-shoot” method in rapid arc welding allows for more welders to be available for projects.

Because of its efficiency, stud welding has become increasingly popular throughout the industry, and our team has put special emphasis on building our stud-welding expertise, in order to utilize the approach efficiently and effectively.  We have built strategic relationships with the main vendors of stud welding equipment and anchors. Thanks to these relationships, our level of knowledge in understanding and utilizing their equipment is nearly unmatched, giving us a significant advantage over our competitors.

Complete Certified Welding Services:

  • Rapid-arc stud welding and rapid fusion welding
  • National Board Inspection Code (NBIC) “R” Stamp
  • Shielded metal arc welding (SMAW) and stick welding
  • Grinding and abrasive blasting surface preparation
  • Anchor studs and pins

Contact us today and receive a full suite of welding procedures from certified professionals.