Technician applying fireproofing servicesAt Diamond Refractory Services, our fireproofing experts offer installation and maintenance services and products that meet the most stringent fireproofing standards and performance requirements.

Whether for cementitious, fibrous, or intumescent materials, we have the capabilities and technical expertise necessary to deliver durable, high-quality fireproofing solutions.

Protecting Critical Infrastructure from Fire Damage

Our fireproofing team has significant experience working in a range of industrial markets, including the refining, petrochemical, and chemical industries, among others. Fireproofing is an essential line of defense, helping to mitigate factors that would escalate a fire, such as structural failures or overheating pressure vessels.

We have the know-how necessary to identify the unique fireproofing needs of industrial environments, understand the complex performance characteristics of the products we apply, and deliver solutions durable enough to endure the day-to-day rigors of the industrial sector.

A Full-Suite of Fireproofing Services and Applications:

  • Gunite/Spray applied
  • Intumescent epoxy linings
  • Lightweight cementitious
  • Sand/cement – Pyrocrete 241 and Chartek
  • Block-outs
  • Form/Pour and hand trowel
  • In-house furnace for dry-out or fabricated items