Diamond Refractory Services has been providing refractory turnaround services to the refining and process industries since 1999.

Built on a sound commitment to customers

Built upon a bedrock of commitments to our customers and employees, Diamond Refractory has grown into one of the most sought-after turnaround service providers in the United States, with services that include refractory installation and refractory maintenance. With approximately twelve hundred employees that include alloy welders, nozzlemen, safety professionals, skilled laborers, and a host of other refractory specialists, there’s seldom a project that Diamond can’t handle—and handle well. In fact, combined, Diamond’s management team brings over two hundred years of industry management experience to the organization.

Delivering a wide range of services

At Diamond Refractory Services, we provide a variety of refractory services for FCCU refractory turnarounds, sulfur unit turnarounds, furnaces and heaters, acid plant turnarounds, and fireproofing.

Diamond Refectory Services serves a variety of industries, including:

  • Refinery
  • Petrochemical
  • Power
  • Gas
  • Fertilizer

We’re there whenever you need us

From scheduled turnarounds to unexpected emergencies, Diamond is ready to help. Diamond uses innovative techniques and materials to meet each and every one of your temperature, erosion, or corrosion-resistance needs.

Additionally, we maintain our cost-saving edge by performing all of our own welding. And because we don’t use subcontractors on any of our projects, we maintain much greater control over each project’s outcome.

With over one hundred fifty certified alloy welders, one of Diamond’s biggest differentiators is that we can have a welder and an installer working simultaneously. This leads to mitigated downtime for our client and, ultimately, cost savings that can total in the millions of dollars.

Turnaround Capabilities

  • InSitu vibration casting of risers, standpipes, mixing chambers, shell segments, or complete vessels
  • Conventional guniting using prequalified, experienced nozzlemen
  • Wet gunning (shotcrete)
  • Demo
  • Surface prep
  • Sandblasting
  • Welding
  • Casting
  • Pouring

For a complete list of all our services, please click on the list of services to the left or contact a representative at Diamond Refractory Services today.