Furnaces and Heaters

For highly demanding furnace environments, the Diamond Refractory Services team offers an array of turnaround services, including lining and sealing installation, repair, and engineering.

Powerful In-House Capabilities

Turnaround services in a furnace environmentWe help clients save time and money by performing much of the work associated with furnaces and heaters pre-turnaround.

With the ability to fabricate forms, pour tiles, and perform dry outs in house, we not only expedite the turnaround process, but also offer tighter quality control and higher standards of safety.

Our team can also provide layout drawings and engineered ceramic fiber systems for refinery furnace facilities, including:

  • Modules
  • Veneers
  • Layer and board lining

Comprehensive Selection of Furnace Linings and Seals

Our qualified, experienced personnel can install a wide range of furnace linings and seals, including:

  • Interruptible foldback (IFB) and mono block wall repairs
  • Ceramic tiles
  • Ceramic fiber blanket installation
  • Bridge wall repairs
  • Intricate brick lining
  • Burner tiles installation
  • Tube seals
  • Brick and castable floors
  • Vacuum formed peep sites
  • Wet gunning between tubes